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Confienta's service includes a domestic map software. The map software is a modern cloud service, so it's instantly available to you and only requires an internet browser and a network connection. In the map service, you can, for example, track the location of the tracker's user, change emergency numbers, and set a safety area for the user. Customers receive credentials for the map service with their order.

  • User-friendly
    The service interface has been streamlined and background processes automated, making the map service easy for anyone to learn.
  • Tracking
    The location of the tracker's user is visible in the map service, and their route is drawn as a line on the map. The tracker automatically updates its location information to the map service. It's also possible to set up multiple users in the service, allowing them to be tracked from the same view. This enables a responsible person to, for example, monitor both grandparents or several clients of a service home. Multiple people can be logged into the map service simultaneously.
  • Safety Area
    It's possible to define a safety area for the tracker, from which, upon exiting, it automatically sends a text message to a desired phone number. You can modify the safety area yourself through the map service.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
    You can set desired emergency numbers in the service and modify them at any time through it.
  • Mobile Compatible
    The service is suitable for use on smartphones and tablets, in addition to regular desktop or laptop computers. This allows the service to be used anywhere and at any time.

"Absolutely essential product. We've been spared many worries with a memory-impaired person, always found through the map service. I highly recommend."

Armi, Ylikiiminki