Origin Story

Years ago, Kalle's grandmother fell at home and was severely injured. She couldn't get up on her own, and her faint voice didn't carry to the neighbors. It was over a day before she was missed. She was found on her floor with a broken hip and thirsty. The grandmother recovered from the accident, but it deeply affected her loved ones, including Kalle.

A safety phone was decided to be purchased for the grandmother, but it was soon realized that the options were limited and the offered features were poor. The safety phones were expensive, often required additional devices, and the calls could be very costly. Some safety phones had extremely expensive monthly fees. None of the available options appealed to Kalle. It was clear to the relatives what would make a good safety phone: it would be worn around the neck or wrist, work without additional devices, have call costs similar to any other phone, work anywhere not just at home, have a long operating time, be durable, and most importantly, be very simple to use. Kalle understood that many others would need a similar safety phone. Thus, Confienta was born.

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Kalle Viitasaari
045 128 5818

"I have been using the Confienta safety phone for 5 years now. I travel a lot and actively engage in outdoor activities. The device is always with me."

Marja-Leena, Oulunsalo