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Why Confienta
Safety Phone?

  • The most user-friendly safety phone on the market
  • Reliable operation. The safety phone works at home and outside.
  • Calling with just the press of a button. The safety phone calls 1-3 desired numbers (relatives, emergency number, etc.)
  • Battery standby time of up to about 3-4 days (In optimal conditions)
  • Monthly subscription cost is 11.90€. Includes 15 minutes of calls. Additional minutes are billed at 6 cents/min
  • Simple setup
  • Fast delivery
  • One (1) month notice period in the contract

5 Reasons Why
You Should Get a Safety Phone

  1. Help is just a button press away.
  2. Peace of mind for yourself and your relatives.
  3. Safety for the user even while traveling.
  4. In case of an accident, it speeds up getting help.
  5. The safety phone user is always reachable.

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It's This Easy
To Order Safety and Peace of Mind

  1. Select a product
    Confienta Safety Phone 
  2. Place an order online or by phone
    You can conveniently order the product through our website or by calling 010 281 3400
  3. We deliver a ready-to-use product to you
    Everything is pre-installed in the product.
  4. Start using the product
    No actions required for activation.

"After my mother developed memory illness, we were afraid she couldn't live alone at home anymore. With the safety phone, this is still possible. We use both the safety phone and the tracking feature."

Liisa, Rovaniemi