Piccolo Tracking Bracelet

Confienta Piccolo Tracking Bracelet

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Tracking Bracelet that Accompanies the User

The Confienta Piccolo is a device that significantly eases life. The tracking bracelet is intended for individuals whose functional ability is significantly limited and whose activities need to be monitored (e.g., those with memory impairments). It works completely without additional devices! Get the tracking bracelet in time.

  • Works entirely without additional devices and base stations
  • Location tracking with a few meters accuracy on all mobile devices
  • Text message alert to relatives if leaving a defined area. Functions as a safety phone (receives and makes calls)
  • Call alert by pressing a button
  • Warns with a text message to a relative when the battery is running low

The Confienta Piccolo is a lightweight and compact GPS tracker that fits both men and women. The tracking bracelet is suitable for individuals with limited functional ability who require location tracking (such as those with memory impairments). Alternatively, if tracking is not needed, the tracking can be completely turned off, in which case Piccolo serves as a user-friendly safety phone.

With three separate call buttons, summoning help is easy and fast in an emergency.

Operates completely independently without additional devices and base stations!

Real-time Tracking

The tracker updates its user's location information to Confienta's map service when tracking is active. You can set the interval for how often the user is tracked from the service (e.g., two, five, or 15 minutes). Credentials for the map service are provided during product activation. The map service is entirely implemented in Finland.

Why Piccolo - Tracking Bracelet?

  • Precise tracking
  • Easy and fast to raise an alert
  • Battery standby time of 20-100 hours (depending on the tracking interval)
  • Monthly service cost of 26.50€ (includes subscription and map service)
  • The monthly fee includes 15 minutes of talk time. Extra minutes are billed on top of the monthly fee (6 cents per minute). Operator: Elisa
  • Thousands of satisfied users

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Technical Specifications

Battery Life up to 100 hours in safety phone use. If the location service is also in use, battery life is 20-100 hours, depending on the tracking interval.

Battery Alert When 10 percent of the battery remains, the device sends a text message to the first emergency number.

Splashproof The device is splashproof.

Dimensions 4 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.5 cm, about the size of a matchbox

Weight 27 grams, about half the weight of an egg

You can also order by phone: 010 281 3400

"I have been using the Confienta safety phone for 5 years now. I travel a lot and actively engage in outdoor activities. The device is always with me."

Marja-Leena, Oulunsalo