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Why Confienta
Safety Phone?

  • The most user-friendly safety phone on the market
  • Reliable operation. The safety phone works at home and outside.
  • Calling with just the press of a button. The safety phone calls 1-3 desired numbers (relatives, emergency number, etc.)
  • Battery standby time of up to about 3-4 days (In optimal conditions)
  • Monthly subscription cost is 11.90€. Includes 15 minutes of calls. Additional minutes are billed at 6 cents/min
  • Simple setup
  • Fast delivery
  • One (1) month notice period in the contract

Anni ja Maija, Helsinki

Wed Jun 12 11:49:00 2019

"My father dares to enjoy his beloved hobby of walking in the forest again since we got him a safety phone with tracking service. Since getting the safety phone, it has brought peace of mind to the whole family."

"Absolutely essential product. We've been spared many worries with a memory-impaired person, always found through the map service. I highly recommend."

Armi, Ylikiiminki